Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Altered Denim Book using Toilet Paper for Texture

Altered Denim Book using 
Toilet Paper for Texture

I accomplished another one of my final missions for 2014 with publishing my 1st YouTube video with me narrating some of the video.

I created this project earlier this year so has a slideshow to photos showing the step by step instructions.

I had a few hiccups like the placement of showing the products I used because I am still traveling up the learning curve with my new camera. However, I am proud of myself and happy with the final result. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Blue Faux Leather


This video shows my technique in creating faux leather. I watched several YouTube videos, but developing my own recipe except instead of using glycerin & water as I planned, I used body lotion because I have no patience and did not have the time to go retrieve the glycerin from my personal inventory. And to my pleasant surprise, the body lotion worked great!!! This technique is very easy and you can make it with any color and use other wet paint media products to get your desired look.

Creating faux leather is one of my favorite techniques to do and I love using it to create envelopes, book covers, backgrounds for my ATCs and to mat pictures in my art journals and altered book projects. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

My Altered Shoe Craze

I always had a love for shoes especially high heels. I really love wearing 3" to 4" heels and I used to wear 3" black high heel pumps on a regular basis when I wore my dress green (pickle suit) while was on active duty. On a regular basis, I was challenged by my supervisors and other superiors to verify if my shoes were within military regulatory guidance. 

So I started carrying a $1.00 in my pocket to prove that I was within regulation. A dollar buck is 6" so if you fold it in half, you guess it, it's 3" which is the measurement allowed. I also had to carry around a print out stating the regulatory guidance for the number of rings you can wear on one hand but that's another story. 

After I gained 40 to 50 lbs from medication cocktails following being released from the hospital in 2008, I stopped wearing heels, but I still love window shopping for them still to this day.

FAST FORWARD, since I have fell in LOVE with altered arts especially altered books, altered playing cards and altered liquor bottles, now I want to try altered shoes. I have been collecting shoes from my personal inventory, purchased several pair from Goodwill and other resources and I am ready to make something happen.

I must admit that I have experimented a few pair of shoes that were quickly were trashed because I hated the results. I do that a lot.

The pair of boots shown below I used Precious Metal Effect Paint. I did not know if it would work or not. It worked but you have to wait for the paint to cure for 3 days so you won't getting any scratches unless you put some type of top coat which I haven't tested yet. I still am working on this pair and am not sure what I want to do next. I have been wearing them though. I love the way they look and feel on my feet. The mirrored heel is really cool and I only paid $20 for these boots. 

I plan on using Creative Paperclay on this cute pair of girl size 6 boots. I think it would be neat to see what happens if you try to add clay to a shoe. I am sure it will be heavy and unwearable, but it would be worth testing and experimenting with different products. I also plan on using my DecoArt Multi-Surface Paint with them.

Creative Paperclay

Shoe Attitude is a product I found about some time ago. It is really cool because it is a film you can print anything on using your computer and then apply it to your shoes. I am not sure what shoes you can or cannot use this product on, because I just got it and have not read the direction. However, here is a short video you can check out about it. 

I have not purchased these Converse yet but aren't they just lovely. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! I love Converse, I have several pair and plan on adding to my collection real soon. Maybe before the New Year to step into the new year in style. I do not plan on altering these besides adding some bling on them or something like that. 

I got these boots because I thought they were yet. THEY ARE CLEAR!!! I have no idea how I am going to alter these puppies but they are SO FREAKING COOL. Don't cha think?

Other Altered Shoe Resources

Mark Montano's Video on Multisurface Paint on Shoes (This video convinced me to purchase the DecoArt Multisurface Paint. )

Altered Shoe with Kodak Shoe Art Film 
(This product used in the video is also by Shoe Attitude.)

Altered Shoes with Printed Images (I am pretty sure you should use laser print images or magazine clippings for this to work.)

Decoupage Altered Shoes with Comic Book Pages 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

New Art Baby Arrival - Sony Alpha a6000

I received my new camera yesterday and was so thrilled. I have been wanting to get another Sony camera since the new compact system was released a few years ago. I held off because of price and got another brand's point and shoot. 

According to the directions, I had to let the camera charge for 310 minutes before use. Waiting for the time to pass was a KILLER!!!

I needed the camera the next day to take some pictures of my local scrapbooking store's samples for upcoming Holiday party and Open House event this weekend. I could not believe the quality of my pictures and I have not even read the manual yet to customize settings. 

The part I love the most so far is that the camera has a view finder and a LCD feature. It is AWESOME and I love my results. I was disappointed it was raining today so I could not go conduct a test by taking random pictures of different subject matters. 

I finally purchased the camera because my phone informed me that my cloud is FULL, my dropbox is FULL, my gallery is full and I only had 2% storage available on my phone. I know that I have caused my phone to suffered from some major brain damage. 

There are other major reasons too:

1.  I am rewarding myself of a BIG achievement. 

2. I plan to publish YouTube videos for my blog and to build my following.

2. Most design team calls want you to have the ability take professional quality pictures and have an active blog. 

3. I am an active Heritage Makers Consultant,www.heritage makers.com, and I am getting back into digital photography to make the digital scrapbooking. I used to host digital photography excursions and I want to get back into to that.

Another I love about this camera is I will be able to grow into it because they are so many interchangeable lens choices and other accessories. For now, I am ok with the standard lens because of what I am trying to do.

I was not very happy about where the post worker left my art baby package. I am so glad I got it before the sprinklers turned on. Thank goodness I had to go in the garage to check on my clothes. UGH.

But bottom line, I am very happy with my purchase. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

A Special Gratitude Project - In Progress

The Art Lounge art studio located in Huntington Beach, CA is in the process of closing. 

This news weighed heavy on my heart and was very difficult for me to ingest because I regularly visited the art studio and learned so much from the owner, operator and sought after designer, Marah Johnson. I watched hours of her YouTube videos and brought countless items of products she designed or sold at Splash of Color (formerly known as Creative Imaginations) warehouse sales or elswhere. 

She was always open to share her talent and have a passion for art 
that is unparalleled. When I finally got to meet her in person, I was in the moment of AWE. I was so delighted, excited and almost passed out. I couldn't believe I was in her presence. She has such a colorful and humbly spirit and I love how she quickly embraced me as a friend. I have attended a few of her workshops and participated in her ATC swaps. 

I arranged one on one art tutoring sessions with her and she never turned me away even when she was with another client. I also took projects for her to provide constructive criticism and she was  honest even if the project was not up to standards. I really appreciated and respected her for that. 

Finally, she also would put me in check if I went to her store and she noticed that I was overspending. She would convince me that I did not need 20 containers of Glitter Paste I had in my basket. She would inquire when I was planning on using all that product and for what project. If I could say a concrete answer, she would coach me to a reasonable purchase. Sometimes I did not like it but she was only looking out for my best interest. I love art supply products so much and she knew that. She wanted me to transform from a collector to a user like many others who watched over me in this industry. I am sure she is proud to know that I have move forward and use my products often instead of admiring them.

I decided to make her a special gratitude project. Below are some of the products she taught me to use and I used them to make the ATCs and altered envelope/notecard shown in image. 

I have a few more items I am in the process of creating that I want to be a SURPRISE and I will not post until she receives them. I believe in expressing my gratitude to the educators that have significant impact my creative journey especially when I got stuck on a project. 

I use a napkin with that had butterflies on it to apply the decoupage techniques she taught me. I painted the butterfly with my favorite Silks color (ICE). I used Silks for the sentiment item and distress edges. 

I used modeling paste and gesso with Splash of Colors' stencil to create background. When the modeling paste was still wet on the above one, I took a sea shell and press into it to created more texture and for the ATC below I used a script stamp. I sprayed background with Distress Spray Stain (Faded Jeans that  I love so much), then put Glitter Paste on the background and then finished it up with Inka Gold for top ATC. The below ATC I painted with with Silks, used Inka Gold and then decoupage one of the die cut embellishments I brought from the studio by Splash of Color.

I used a few more products to finish them off. 

Every item I used is symbolic and I will explain it to Marah in a letter I am preparing that I will not be sharing on the blog. I have a few more items to make that will be delivered in 3 different packages. And the number 3 is significant too. I hope she likes it and this project was inspire by a conversation we had about Christmas cards and why I do not like receiving them. I am sure she will understand after she receives the last package. Thank you for your time and make sure to check out her YouTube Channel.

To learn more about Marah Johnson's style, techniques and see her demo various products, check out her YouTube Channel at :

(in the process of closing or has closed. ; (  )

Altered Doll Luggage & Tray Plans - Denim theme

Altered Doll Luggage & Tray Plans

I identified all the products in above picture to experiment with this week, but I did not have a product in mind to employ them on. Then, I remembered I had a Julie Nutting's Altered Doll Luggage & Tray that I have been dying to use. So, I was like...what theme should I use.

Of course, DENIM. Most of the friends know how much I love denim but I have not made any denim projects since I created a mini album for a swap in September 2012. I think it's time for another one.

Since I have a lot of projects to complete this week and initially I only plan to play with products noted, I know I will not get finish with this until next week some time but I will post my progress. I can wait to sketch this one out and get started. 

Paperworks (For Denim Papers - I already got some on hand. This is just to provide a reference to paper I plan on using for project.