Sunday, November 30, 2014

Creative Play for Week Starting Dec 1, 2014

I decided to start a new practice and identify items I plan on playing with for the upcoming week. I may not play with all the products shown due to satisfying "wifey duties", creating projects for FB swaps and ATC trades, but it is a way for me to make sure I try to employ more of my art babies and use my products on a regular basis and avoid letting anything sit around. 

I am also preparing my first samples for my upcoming ALTERED ART classes starting in January 2015 at Custom Impressions in Los Alamitos, CA. YEAH!!! It is so difficult to decide what products I want to use, share and teach because I love so MANY!!! And I have to remember cost and availability of products and the skill level of the project. (See what I mean...not easy.) I am super excited about it.

This week on my creative play agenda is to experiment with these products to create dimensional texture. 

I must admit that the product, Creative Paperclay, is at the top of my list of go to products ever since I viewed Terri Sproul's YouTube video on using on a art journal cover This video is a MUST SEE. She also shows you how to use Amazing Mold Putty and Silks. It is easy to use, forgettable , attaches to projects with no adhesives, easy to store, great price and dries hard. 


Here's a list of products shown in picture:

1. Creative Paperclay (my absolute favorite texture product at this moment and probably forever.)


2. Stampendous Stamps - Butterfly stamps/stencils and dies (Dies not shown in picture)

3. Prima Art Basics Products
   a. Heavy Gesso White
   b. Heavy Gesso Black
   c. 3D Gloss Gel
   d. Modeling Paste
   e. Light Modeling Paste 

4. Viva Decor 
   a. Ferro (White & Black)
   b. Modeling Cream (Champange) 
   c. Structure Paste (Not available in stores)

I used Structure Paste for this image. 

4. DecoArt Dimensional Effects Texture Paste (I love this product. It is very easy to paint on after it dries and it has the texture of frosting.)

5. Dreamweaver Embossing Paste (Pearlescent, Black and Transluscent)

6. Magic Sculpt Epoxy Clay (Hardener/Resin) (I used this once and it is great stuff. Takes a long time to dry though and dries really hard. I put too much on spine and couldn't open the book. It is awesome to use word stamps on. I used a cling stamp in this picture.)

8. Prang DAS Modeling Clay - White

9. Phenopatch

   a. White All Purpose Spackling Paste ( I used this before but too much and it made my book covers extremely heavy. For that reason, I decided to purchase the next product to test out. I still plan on using this all purpose one again just less of it. I have a HEAVY hand! LOL.)

   b. Patch -n- Paint Lightweight Spackling Paste

10. Mesh Trim (White & Brown)

11. Stamper Anonymous - The Art of Brett Weldele

12. Artistcellar Stencils

     a. Heart with Rose
     b. Faces

Stay tuned!!!

For stencils shown in picture, visit Artistcellar.

Embedded Roots - Tim Holtz Configuration Box

This project I used Creative Paperclay and Amazing Mold Putty again. It is a concept I thought of a long time ago about my hair and my family roots. The inside of the project did not come out like I planned so I didn't take pictures of it. I am going to do this one again on an altered book.

 I used Martha Stewart letter mold for the word "EMBEDDED" and a different mold for "ROOTS".  I used a elephant jewelry charm with Amazing Mold Putty and Creative Paperclay to create the elephant head. I attached the letters using a little water on the brush because I did not want to press them into the project.

The piece was another charm that I did the same as the elephant charm. The zebra print and heart are rubber stamp images I used because I wanted the embossed look instead of the debossed. I also took some of the clay and roll it with my hand to create a twist to represent African Hair Braiding and my love of the kinky twist braids.
I love the way this book turned out especially the colors. I almost trashed it because the rust product I used did not give me the results I anticipated; however, I am still learning how to use that product.  I used Inka Gold and Silks to color project and had to apply more black gesso in some areas because I put to much on it. I finish the entire project off by spraying it with Clear Triple Thick Spray to seal.

Overall, this was a fun project to create and I cannot wait to make another Embedded Roots altered book. 

To check out this great product, go visit their website using the link below.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Calypso Cooler w Creative Paperclay

Altered Liquor Bottle Using Creative Paperclay

This project was inspired by the character, Calypso, from the Disney film, Pirates of the Caribbean. She is my second favorite character in the film and I especially love her hair. After I determined the subject matter, I decided to search for a suitable alcoholic beverage name. I was overjoyed when the name Calypso Cooler came across the computer screen.

I then looked through my rubber stamps hoping I had an image that would fit my vision. I selected the lady as a focal point image I wanted to show the calmer side of Calypso in modern day times. 

Since I am a novice in creating altered bottles, I needed to determine the best products to make this project work for me. Then after viewing an informative YouTube tutorial about Creative Paperclay, I knew this product would be perfect to employ for the job.

Creative Paperclay was FUN and EASY to work with it and I cannot wait to play with it again. It is definitely replaced one of my top 3 products to use on a frequent basis. 

I obtained this bottle at a birthday party and I was so excited about it. Maybe too excited. I love the character, shape of the bottle and the fact the top was wooden. OH JOY! I just started creating altering bottles and one of the main things I look for when collecting a bottle canvas is the space across the front because I love adding my own titles to most of my projects. I really take time selecting a good name for my creations.  I try to create projects that exercising my storytelling skills and conversation starters that lead to questions about my concept thinking. 

I love playing with new products and applying them to my projects.  The above picture shows all the products I used except for the shells. I did not use the flourish chipboard dies shown because I changed my mind after preparing the prototype. I recently purchased a few of the Americana Multi-Surface Satin Paint and really love working with it, but I must say the star was the Creative Paperclay. I cannot believe all the things I was able to do with it for this project. It saved me time in creating texture, letters and molds for this project. 

For most of my projects, I create a prototype or sketch and identify the products I plan on using before I begin. I learned that this method has helped me organize my thoughts, save money on product and promotes the usage of products I have not experimented with yet. At times, I might changed my mind such as in this project I adjust placement of the lace, but otherwise, I stay on course.

I used several art supplies for this project, but I can confidently say that Creative Paperclay was my absolute favorite product of all. My top three were Creative Paperclay, Amazing Mold Putty and the Prima Chalkboard Paint. 

Now to the step by step instruction.

If you liquor bottle has a top, paint it according to the type of material it is made from. I used Precious Metal Effect Paint because it can be used on most non porous surfaces. I love the results and it worked perfectly. This product takes 3 days to fully cured by dries fast. 

I used Amazing Mold Putty to embossed image of stamps instead of debossed, stamp images for focal points of project and to add texture. 

Now, place the clay items on the liquor bottle. When attaching lace and trim, you can press item in the clay and glue the ends of the material. You do not have to use any adhesive to apply clay to the bottle. However, you can use a little water with a paint brush to apply the letters.

Applying modeling paste to add more texture, if desire. You can skip this step if you like the way your project looks without adding texture, because you can paint directly on the Creative Paperclay.

Apply paint. I used Prima Chalkboard Paint for the background and octopus tentacles on back of bottle, watercolor markers for the image in the front and a couple colors from the Americana Multi-Surface Satin Paint collection.

After painting your project, let it dry for about an hour or longer. Then you can add finishing touches. I used Prima Chalk Edgers, a few colors of Viva Decor Inka Gold, Stampendous Stamps White Mica Fragments and sea shells to finish the project off. I really enjoyed creating this altered liquor bottle and I plan to create many more. Note: It is best to apply Viva Decor Inka Gold with your finger. Yes, your finger. If you use a brush, you might apply too much. It easily washes off so do not worry about that. 

If you want to make a Calypso Cooler and try it out, it's a REAL DRINK

To learn more about this amazing product, please visit their blog and/or website today.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Blog Hop Questions

1) What am I working on? I am currently working an altered book I plan have done before the year of the end and I am starting a new altered liquor bottle project in the next couple of days. 

I will also be conducting creative play with some of the Stampendous' products such as the Creative Palette, spoonful embossing power and a set of stamps with the accompany dies.  

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre? I am not sure how much it differs from others. I just try to put my own stamp and personality of my work and hope it shows. I believe in exercising new products from different resources and immediately applying that knowledge. I am still trying to identify my style, but I am inspired by others.  

3) Why do I create what I do? To be honest, it is fuel that gets me going. It's my personal therapy, but in my case, it is not cheaper than therapy. I feel so much joy when I purchase a new product especially when I know how to use it. I create that projects that I do because of how it makes me feel. I started off as a digital scrapbooker and fell into the world on traditional scrapbooking. I love creating altered art projects the most because I can get messy and learn from every experiment. 

4) How does my creating process work? Interesting question. Most of my creative thought happens during my sleep. Sometimes I jump up out of bed and go straight to my creative space because of something I envisioned in my sleep. Other times, I stretch project out or list materials and possible plan and go for it. It all depends on the type of project, the materials needed to create it and the major one the time it takes. 

Laurel Pierce

Coleen Franks 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Altered Envelopes

I created these altered envelopes because I hate mailing plain ones. Plus one of the Facebook pen pal groups I belong to is also an art exchange group so I figure I should try sending my letters in a piece of art.

I used my resistance mat and different types of spray and acrylic paint with some water using a water bottle. 

I used a Swipe N' Wipe technique I developed, love and it is easy.

Faux Leather

I created this Faux Leather watching countless YouTube videos with different formulas and then I developed my own. I really love this technique because you can use outdated/unloved/unwanted scrapbook paper or just any type of paper that can handle the wet media to create AWESOME leather type paper to use on your projects.

I plan on using this Faux Leather technique to use as book covers, cut in strips for embellishments, as page inserts in an mini album or junk journal, as envelopes or for other altered projects.

It is one of my FAVORITE techniques to do because it doesn't take much time or many products to do it. 

Stencils Play

Stencils are one of my favorite items to create and I use my Cricut Explore mainly to do so. The aforementioned image is the first stencil I created using my own JPEG. I had many hiccups in do so but I learned a lot from it. I was so excited about this results that I just took a sheet of watercolor paper and one of my Pan Pastels and made the image come to live so I could post and share on Facebook. I still have to learn a few things to improve the results but I am still proud it. 

Watercolor paper is on the bottom.
Alterd Book Page Layout I created using Jacqueline Newbold's technique from Cloth Paper Scissors mag.

Altered Book I created using toilet paper for texture
and I made my photo blurry to match the title.

Altered Bra I created for a Breast Cancer Awareness Crop Event.