Wednesday, December 3, 2014

New Art Baby Arrival - Sony Alpha a6000

I received my new camera yesterday and was so thrilled. I have been wanting to get another Sony camera since the new compact system was released a few years ago. I held off because of price and got another brand's point and shoot. 

According to the directions, I had to let the camera charge for 310 minutes before use. Waiting for the time to pass was a KILLER!!!

I needed the camera the next day to take some pictures of my local scrapbooking store's samples for upcoming Holiday party and Open House event this weekend. I could not believe the quality of my pictures and I have not even read the manual yet to customize settings. 

The part I love the most so far is that the camera has a view finder and a LCD feature. It is AWESOME and I love my results. I was disappointed it was raining today so I could not go conduct a test by taking random pictures of different subject matters. 

I finally purchased the camera because my phone informed me that my cloud is FULL, my dropbox is FULL, my gallery is full and I only had 2% storage available on my phone. I know that I have caused my phone to suffered from some major brain damage. 

There are other major reasons too:

1.  I am rewarding myself of a BIG achievement. 

2. I plan to publish YouTube videos for my blog and to build my following.

2. Most design team calls want you to have the ability take professional quality pictures and have an active blog. 

3. I am an active Heritage Makers Consultant,www.heritage, and I am getting back into digital photography to make the digital scrapbooking. I used to host digital photography excursions and I want to get back into to that.

Another I love about this camera is I will be able to grow into it because they are so many interchangeable lens choices and other accessories. For now, I am ok with the standard lens because of what I am trying to do.

I was not very happy about where the post worker left my art baby package. I am so glad I got it before the sprinklers turned on. Thank goodness I had to go in the garage to check on my clothes. UGH.

But bottom line, I am very happy with my purchase. 

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