Monday, December 8, 2014

My Altered Shoe Craze

I always had a love for shoes especially high heels. I really love wearing 3" to 4" heels and I used to wear 3" black high heel pumps on a regular basis when I wore my dress green (pickle suit) while was on active duty. On a regular basis, I was challenged by my supervisors and other superiors to verify if my shoes were within military regulatory guidance. 

So I started carrying a $1.00 in my pocket to prove that I was within regulation. A dollar buck is 6" so if you fold it in half, you guess it, it's 3" which is the measurement allowed. I also had to carry around a print out stating the regulatory guidance for the number of rings you can wear on one hand but that's another story. 

After I gained 40 to 50 lbs from medication cocktails following being released from the hospital in 2008, I stopped wearing heels, but I still love window shopping for them still to this day.

FAST FORWARD, since I have fell in LOVE with altered arts especially altered books, altered playing cards and altered liquor bottles, now I want to try altered shoes. I have been collecting shoes from my personal inventory, purchased several pair from Goodwill and other resources and I am ready to make something happen.

I must admit that I have experimented a few pair of shoes that were quickly were trashed because I hated the results. I do that a lot.

The pair of boots shown below I used Precious Metal Effect Paint. I did not know if it would work or not. It worked but you have to wait for the paint to cure for 3 days so you won't getting any scratches unless you put some type of top coat which I haven't tested yet. I still am working on this pair and am not sure what I want to do next. I have been wearing them though. I love the way they look and feel on my feet. The mirrored heel is really cool and I only paid $20 for these boots. 

I plan on using Creative Paperclay on this cute pair of girl size 6 boots. I think it would be neat to see what happens if you try to add clay to a shoe. I am sure it will be heavy and unwearable, but it would be worth testing and experimenting with different products. I also plan on using my DecoArt Multi-Surface Paint with them.

Creative Paperclay

Shoe Attitude is a product I found about some time ago. It is really cool because it is a film you can print anything on using your computer and then apply it to your shoes. I am not sure what shoes you can or cannot use this product on, because I just got it and have not read the direction. However, here is a short video you can check out about it. 

I have not purchased these Converse yet but aren't they just lovely. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! I love Converse, I have several pair and plan on adding to my collection real soon. Maybe before the New Year to step into the new year in style. I do not plan on altering these besides adding some bling on them or something like that. 

I got these boots because I thought they were yet. THEY ARE CLEAR!!! I have no idea how I am going to alter these puppies but they are SO FREAKING COOL. Don't cha think?

Other Altered Shoe Resources

Mark Montano's Video on Multisurface Paint on Shoes (This video convinced me to purchase the DecoArt Multisurface Paint. )

Altered Shoe with Kodak Shoe Art Film 
(This product used in the video is also by Shoe Attitude.)

Altered Shoes with Printed Images (I am pretty sure you should use laser print images or magazine clippings for this to work.)

Decoupage Altered Shoes with Comic Book Pages 

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  1. On the blue toed boots, maybe you ought to do the strap to match the toe and then put some bling on top of that. Would be a real eye catcher. Love your choice of color.