Monday, December 1, 2014

A Special Gratitude Project - In Progress

The Art Lounge art studio located in Huntington Beach, CA is in the process of closing. 

This news weighed heavy on my heart and was very difficult for me to ingest because I regularly visited the art studio and learned so much from the owner, operator and sought after designer, Marah Johnson. I watched hours of her YouTube videos and brought countless items of products she designed or sold at Splash of Color (formerly known as Creative Imaginations) warehouse sales or elswhere. 

She was always open to share her talent and have a passion for art 
that is unparalleled. When I finally got to meet her in person, I was in the moment of AWE. I was so delighted, excited and almost passed out. I couldn't believe I was in her presence. She has such a colorful and humbly spirit and I love how she quickly embraced me as a friend. I have attended a few of her workshops and participated in her ATC swaps. 

I arranged one on one art tutoring sessions with her and she never turned me away even when she was with another client. I also took projects for her to provide constructive criticism and she was  honest even if the project was not up to standards. I really appreciated and respected her for that. 

Finally, she also would put me in check if I went to her store and she noticed that I was overspending. She would convince me that I did not need 20 containers of Glitter Paste I had in my basket. She would inquire when I was planning on using all that product and for what project. If I could say a concrete answer, she would coach me to a reasonable purchase. Sometimes I did not like it but she was only looking out for my best interest. I love art supply products so much and she knew that. She wanted me to transform from a collector to a user like many others who watched over me in this industry. I am sure she is proud to know that I have move forward and use my products often instead of admiring them.

I decided to make her a special gratitude project. Below are some of the products she taught me to use and I used them to make the ATCs and altered envelope/notecard shown in image. 

I have a few more items I am in the process of creating that I want to be a SURPRISE and I will not post until she receives them. I believe in expressing my gratitude to the educators that have significant impact my creative journey especially when I got stuck on a project. 

I use a napkin with that had butterflies on it to apply the decoupage techniques she taught me. I painted the butterfly with my favorite Silks color (ICE). I used Silks for the sentiment item and distress edges. 

I used modeling paste and gesso with Splash of Colors' stencil to create background. When the modeling paste was still wet on the above one, I took a sea shell and press into it to created more texture and for the ATC below I used a script stamp. I sprayed background with Distress Spray Stain (Faded Jeans that  I love so much), then put Glitter Paste on the background and then finished it up with Inka Gold for top ATC. The below ATC I painted with with Silks, used Inka Gold and then decoupage one of the die cut embellishments I brought from the studio by Splash of Color.

I used a few more products to finish them off. 

Every item I used is symbolic and I will explain it to Marah in a letter I am preparing that I will not be sharing on the blog. I have a few more items to make that will be delivered in 3 different packages. And the number 3 is significant too. I hope she likes it and this project was inspire by a conversation we had about Christmas cards and why I do not like receiving them. I am sure she will understand after she receives the last package. Thank you for your time and make sure to check out her YouTube Channel.

To learn more about Marah Johnson's style, techniques and see her demo various products, check out her YouTube Channel at :

(in the process of closing or has closed. ; (  )

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