Sunday, November 30, 2014

Creative Play for Week Starting Dec 1, 2014

I decided to start a new practice and identify items I plan on playing with for the upcoming week. I may not play with all the products shown due to satisfying "wifey duties", creating projects for FB swaps and ATC trades, but it is a way for me to make sure I try to employ more of my art babies and use my products on a regular basis and avoid letting anything sit around. 

I am also preparing my first samples for my upcoming ALTERED ART classes starting in January 2015 at Custom Impressions in Los Alamitos, CA. YEAH!!! It is so difficult to decide what products I want to use, share and teach because I love so MANY!!! And I have to remember cost and availability of products and the skill level of the project. (See what I mean...not easy.) I am super excited about it.

This week on my creative play agenda is to experiment with these products to create dimensional texture. 

I must admit that the product, Creative Paperclay, is at the top of my list of go to products ever since I viewed Terri Sproul's YouTube video on using on a art journal cover This video is a MUST SEE. She also shows you how to use Amazing Mold Putty and Silks. It is easy to use, forgettable , attaches to projects with no adhesives, easy to store, great price and dries hard. 


Here's a list of products shown in picture:

1. Creative Paperclay (my absolute favorite texture product at this moment and probably forever.)


2. Stampendous Stamps - Butterfly stamps/stencils and dies (Dies not shown in picture)

3. Prima Art Basics Products
   a. Heavy Gesso White
   b. Heavy Gesso Black
   c. 3D Gloss Gel
   d. Modeling Paste
   e. Light Modeling Paste 

4. Viva Decor 
   a. Ferro (White & Black)
   b. Modeling Cream (Champange) 
   c. Structure Paste (Not available in stores)

I used Structure Paste for this image. 

4. DecoArt Dimensional Effects Texture Paste (I love this product. It is very easy to paint on after it dries and it has the texture of frosting.)

5. Dreamweaver Embossing Paste (Pearlescent, Black and Transluscent)

6. Magic Sculpt Epoxy Clay (Hardener/Resin) (I used this once and it is great stuff. Takes a long time to dry though and dries really hard. I put too much on spine and couldn't open the book. It is awesome to use word stamps on. I used a cling stamp in this picture.)

8. Prang DAS Modeling Clay - White

9. Phenopatch

   a. White All Purpose Spackling Paste ( I used this before but too much and it made my book covers extremely heavy. For that reason, I decided to purchase the next product to test out. I still plan on using this all purpose one again just less of it. I have a HEAVY hand! LOL.)

   b. Patch -n- Paint Lightweight Spackling Paste

10. Mesh Trim (White & Brown)

11. Stamper Anonymous - The Art of Brett Weldele

12. Artistcellar Stencils

     a. Heart with Rose
     b. Faces

Stay tuned!!!

For stencils shown in picture, visit Artistcellar.

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